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  1. Photo of Ralph Nelson

    Ralph Nelson Director

  2. Photo of John Gay

    John Gay Screenplay

  3. Photo of Theodore V. Olsen

    Theodore V. Olsen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Candice Bergen

    Candice Bergen Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Strauss

    Peter Strauss Cast

  6. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  7. Photo of John Anderson

    John Anderson Cast

  8. Photo of Jorge Rivero

    Jorge Rivero Cast

  9. Photo of Dana Elcar

    Dana Elcar Cast

  10. Photo of Bob Carraway

    Bob Carraway Cast

  11. Photo of Martin West

    Martin West Cast

  12. Photo of James Hampton

    James Hampton Cast

  13. Photo of Mort Mills

    Mort Mills Cast

  14. Photo of Robert B. Hauser

    Robert B. Hauser Cinematography

  15. Photo of Roy Budd

    Roy Budd Music

  16. Photo of Frank Arrigo

    Frank Arrigo Production Design

  17. Photo of Gabriel Katzka

    Gabriel Katzka Producer

  18. Photo of Harold Loeb

    Harold Loeb Producer

  19. Photo of Joseph E. Levine

    Joseph E. Levine Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Alex Beaton

    Alex Beaton Editing