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  1. Photo of Nico Hofmann

    Nico Hofmann Director

  2. Photo of Susanne Schneider

    Susanne Schneider Screenplay

  3. Photo of Elsa Lewin

    Elsa Lewin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Götz George

    Götz George Cast

  5. Photo of Corinna Harfouch

    Corinna Harfouch Cast

  6. Photo of Tim Bergmann

    Tim Bergmann Cast

  7. Photo of Barbara Auer

    Barbara Auer Cast

  8. Photo of Barbara Rudnik

    Barbara Rudnik Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Redl

    Christian Redl Cast

  10. Photo of Nikolaus Paryla

    Nikolaus Paryla Cast

  11. Photo of Tobias Schenke

    Tobias Schenke Cast

  12. Photo of Katharina Thalbach

    Katharina Thalbach Cast

  13. Photo of Hans-Günther Bücking

    Hans-Günther Bücking Cinematography

  14. Photo of Nikolaus Glowna

    Nikolaus Glowna Music

  15. Photo of Thomas Freudenthal

    Thomas Freudenthal Production Design

  16. Photo of Birgit Brandes

    Birgit Brandes Producer

  17. Photo of Regina Ziegler

    Regina Ziegler Producer

  18. Photo of Mariette Rissenbeek

    Mariette Rissenbeek Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Inge Behrens

    Inge Behrens Editing