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  1. Photo of Jonathan Demme

    Jonathan Demme Director, Producer

  2. Photo of E. Max Frye

    E. Max Frye Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tak Fujimoto

    Tak Fujimoto Cinematography

  4. Photo of Melanie Griffith

    Melanie Griffith Cast

  5. Photo of Jeff Daniels

    Jeff Daniels Cast

  6. Photo of Ray Liotta

    Ray Liotta Cast

  7. Photo of Margaret Colin

    Margaret Colin Cast

  8. Photo of Tracey Walter

    Tracey Walter Cast

  9. Photo of Craig McKay

    Craig McKay Editing

  10. Photo of Laurie Anderson

    Laurie Anderson Music

  11. Photo of John Cale

    John Cale Music

  12. Photo of Dana Preu

    Dana Preu Cast

  13. Photo of Jack Gilpin

    Jack Gilpin Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Napier

    Charles Napier Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Ridgely

    Robert Ridgely Cast

  16. Photo of Sister Carol East

    Sister Carol East Cast

  17. Photo of The Feelies

    The Feelies Cast

  18. Photo of John Sayles

    John Sayles Cast

  19. Photo of John Waters

    John Waters Cast

  20. Photo of Kristin Olsen

    Kristin Olsen Cast

  21. Photo of Steven Scales

    Steven Scales Cast

  22. Photo of Su Tissue

    Su Tissue Cast

  23. Photo of Jim Roche

    Jim Roche Cast

  24. Photo of Anna Thomson

    Anna Thomson Cast

  25. Photo of Q Lazzarus

    Q Lazzarus Cast

  26. Photo of Kenneth Utt

    Kenneth Utt Producer, Cast

  27. Photo of Edward Saxon

    Edward Saxon Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Norma Moriceau

    Norma Moriceau Production Design

  29. Photo of Dan Sable

    Dan Sable Sound