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  1. Photo of Claire Doyon

    Claire Doyon Director, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Antoine Barraud

    Antoine Barraud Cinematography, Screenplay Director

  3. Photo of Justin Taurand

    Justin Taurand Producer

  4. Photo of Daniel Weintraub

    Daniel Weintraub Cinematography

  5. Photo of Frédéric Piet

    Frédéric Piet Editing

  6. Photo of Emmanuel Croset

    Emmanuel Croset Sound

  7. Photo of Carole Verner

    Carole Verner Sound

  8. Photo of Children of the Gun

    Children of the Gun Music

  9. Photo of Leo Fitzpatrick

    Leo Fitzpatrick Cast

  10. Photo of Joana Preiss

    Joana Preiss Cast

  11. Photo of Marianna Rothen

    Marianna Rothen Cast

  12. Photo of Andrea Monti

    Andrea Monti Cast

  13. Photo of Brady Corbet

    Brady Corbet Cast