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  1. Photo of Iosif Shapiro

    Iosif Shapiro Director

  2. Photo of Sergei Sploshnov

    Sergei Sploshnov Director

  3. Photo of Ilya Brazhnin

    Ilya Brazhnin Screenplay

  4. Photo of T. Vinogradova

    T. Vinogradova Cast

  5. Photo of Nina Petropavlovskaya

    Nina Petropavlovskaya Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Glukhov

    Vladimir Glukhov Cast

  7. Photo of Ivan Kuznetsov

    Ivan Kuznetsov Cast

  8. Photo of Iona Biy-Brodskiy

    Iona Biy-Brodskiy Cast

  9. Photo of Vasiliy Merkuryev

    Vasiliy Merkuryev Cast

  10. Photo of Konstantin Pogodin

    Konstantin Pogodin Cinematography

  11. Photo of Samuil Polonsky

    Samuil Polonsky Production Design