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  1. Photo of Alberto Cavalcanti

    Alberto Cavalcanti Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hermilo Borba Filho

    Hermilo Borba Filho Screenplay

  3. Photo of José Mauro de Vasconcelos

    José Mauro de Vasconcelos Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cyril Arapoff

    Cyril Arapoff Cinematography

  5. Photo of Paolo Reale

    Paolo Reale Cinematography

  6. Photo of Luiz Andrade

    Luiz Andrade Cast

  7. Photo of Glauce Bandeira

    Glauce Bandeira Cast

  8. Photo of Fernando Becker

    Fernando Becker Cast

  9. Photo of Débora Borba

    Débora Borba Cast

  10. Photo of Margarida Cardoso

    Margarida Cardoso Cast

  11. Photo of Ernani Dantas

    Ernani Dantas Cast

  12. Photo of Alfredo de Oliveira

    Alfredo de Oliveira Cast

  13. Photo of Aurora Duarte

    Aurora Duarte Cast

  14. Photo of Cacilda Lanuza

    Cacilda Lanuza Cast

  15. Photo of Antonio Martinelli

    Antonio Martinelli Cast

  16. Photo of Miriam Nunes

    Miriam Nunes Cast

  17. Photo of Ruy Saraiva

    Ruy Saraiva Cast

  18. Photo of Alberto Vilar

    Alberto Vilar Cast

  19. Photo of Maria do Carmo Xavier

    Maria do Carmo Xavier Cast

  20. Photo of José Cañizares

    José Cañizares Editing

  21. Photo of Hilário Marcelino

    Hilário Marcelino Production Design

  22. Photo of Ricardo Sievers

    Ricardo Sievers Production Design

  23. Photo of Guerra Peixe

    Guerra Peixe Music