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  1. Photo of Charles Vidor

    Charles Vidor Director

  2. Photo of George Cukor

    George Cukor Director

  3. Photo of Dirk Bogarde

    Dirk Bogarde Cast

  4. Photo of Capucine

    Capucine Cast

  5. Photo of Geneviève Page

    Geneviève Page Cast

  6. Photo of Ivan Desny

    Ivan Desny Cast

  7. Photo of Martita Hunt

    Martita Hunt Cast

  8. Photo of Marcel Dalio

    Marcel Dalio Cast

  9. Photo of Lou Jacobi

    Lou Jacobi Cast

  10. Photo of Lyndon Brook

    Lyndon Brook Cast

  11. Photo of Patricia Morison

    Patricia Morison Cast

  12. Photo of Albert Rueprecht

    Albert Rueprecht Cast

  13. Photo of Walter Rilla

    Walter Rilla Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Unterkircher

    Hans Unterkircher Cast

  15. Photo of Erland Erlandsen

    Erland Erlandsen Cast

  16. Photo of Alexander Davion

    Alexander Davion Cast

  17. Photo of Katherine Squire

    Katherine Squire Cast

  18. Photo of James Wong Howe

    James Wong Howe Cinematography

  19. Photo of Charles Lang

    Charles Lang Cinematography

  20. Photo of Morris Stoloff

    Morris Stoloff Music

  21. Photo of Harry Sukman

    Harry Sukman Music

  22. Photo of Walter Holscher

    Walter Holscher Production Design

  23. Photo of William Goetz

    William Goetz Producer

  24. Photo of William A. Lyon

    William A. Lyon Editing