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  1. Photo of Yuji Naka

    Yuji Naka Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Haruki Nakayama

    Haruki Nakayama Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Naoharu Hokutani

    Naoharu Hokutani Producer

  4. Photo of Akinori Ohno

    Akinori Ohno Producer

  5. Photo of Koichiro Sugie

    Koichiro Sugie Producer

  6. Photo of Takayuki Sugizaki

    Takayuki Sugizaki Producer

  7. Photo of Masami Kikuchi

    Masami Kikuchi Cast

  8. Photo of Hekiru Shiina

    Hekiru Shiina Cast

  9. Photo of Yasunori Matsumoto

    Yasunori Matsumoto Cast

  10. Photo of Junpei Janikuchi

    Junpei Janikuchi Cast

  11. Photo of Mika Kanai

    Mika Kanai Cast

  12. Photo of Seiji Morita

    Seiji Morita Editing

  13. Photo of Kazunori Ikegami

    Kazunori Ikegami Production Design and Director

  14. Photo of Mitsuhiro Tada

    Mitsuhiro Tada Music

  15. Photo of Tsuneo Ninomiya

    Tsuneo Ninomiya Animation

  16. Photo of Fumie Muroi

    Fumie Muroi Animation

  17. Photo of Daisuke Jinbo

    Daisuke Jinbo Sound