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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Sons

    ' a child makes a mistake a father forgives, but when a father is mistaken who is there to forgive him..' Poignant and affecting short from Royston Tan looking at the inability of a father to connect emotionally with his grown son. Use of voiceover fits the simple images well especially a dinner that has come 25 years late.

  2. Beatrice's rating of the film Sons

    So simple and so touching. The father's interior monologue and the accompanying music remind me of a blue green pebble you keep in your pocket and carry around with you (or maybe I just got mixed up with Departures...).

  3. Mighty Quinn's rating of the film Sons

    While the message is sincere enough and the father's internal monologue affecting, the overly sentimental music takes away from the film to a degree, reducing the overall effect of this otherwise excellent short.