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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Sons of Norway

    Même si la sympathie pour notre lunaire binoclard, roux et barbu en plus, ne fait pas de doute et ne sera jamais prise en défaut, il n'empêche que cette irrévérencieuse pochade norvégienne, quelque peu abrasive et colorée, manque tout de même de maîtrise et de consistance...

  2. liebermeister's rating of the film Sons of Norway

    Die Botschaft ist klar (was ist Freiheit?), der Plot wirkt aber leider manchmal etwas willkürlich, und der Rhythmus des Films erscheint nicht immer stimmig.

  3. Jaco's rating of the film Sons of Norway

    Der Film: surrealistisch anmutend, aber dennoch sehr realistisch und nachvollziehbar. Der etwas andere Vater-Sohn Geschichte, mal komisch, mal traurig und unvorhersehbar. Einzige Unwahrscheinlichkeit: der Rektor muss einen unglaublich harten Kopf haben. Dagegen ist der Traumauftritt von Johnny Rotten himself wieder sehr plausibel. Für die Rolle von Nicholas: 5 Sterne!

  4. Epinephrin's rating of the film Sons of Norway

    Good work, starts well, continues well. But the end was somehow strange - the whole russian thing. i mean it starts with russian music, it continues with punk and ends with the russians. A film about freedom to be/to do what you want, although not too convincing. What was the role of what happened to the mother in this whole story? Was she keeping his father back? Punk as rage against fate or against society?

  5. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Sons of Norway

  6. Post Ironic's rating of the film Sons of Norway

    A very fun film. Jens Lien is an interesting director. With Jonny Vang, The Bothersome Man, and now this. I quite like the way he melds together the comedic and the tragic until one isn't really sure what to laugh at, what to cry at, or what to cringe at.

  7. Jon Lost's rating of the film Sons of Norway

    Amazing movie!. Music, drama, comedy . Blowed my mind.

  8. Lars Ole Kristiansen's rating of the film Sons of Norway

    Often very funny, with a handful of great scenes, suggestive atmosphere and wonderful Clockwork Orange-esque music from Ginge. But some of the young actors are weak, and the ending feels rushed. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth; "Sons of Norway" could have been a brilliant film, but in the end it's too easygoing for its own good. Still highly recommended for its entertainment value. Three strong stars.