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  1. Photo of Erik Gustavson

    Erik Gustavson Director

  2. Photo of Jostein Gaarder

    Jostein Gaarder Screenplay

  3. Photo of Petter Skavlan

    Petter Skavlan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Silje Storstein

    Silje Storstein Cast

  5. Photo of Tomas von Brömssen

    Tomas von Brömssen Cast

  6. Photo of Andrine Sæther

    Andrine Sæther Cast

  7. Photo of Bjørn Floberg

    Bjørn Floberg Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Alfredson

    Hans Alfredson Cast

  9. Photo of Nils Vogt

    Nils Vogt Cast

  10. Photo of Minken Fosheim

    Minken Fosheim Cast

  11. Photo of Edda Trandum Grjotheim

    Edda Trandum Grjotheim Cast

  12. Photo of Arne Haakonaasen Dahl

    Arne Haakonaasen Dahl Cast

  13. Photo of Sullivan Lloyd Nordrum

    Sullivan Lloyd Nordrum Cast

  14. Photo of Kjersti Holmen

    Kjersti Holmen Cast

  15. Photo of Ingar Helge Gimle

    Ingar Helge Gimle Cast

  16. Photo of Giorgos Floros

    Giorgos Floros Cast

  17. Photo of Sven Henriksen

    Sven Henriksen Cast

  18. Photo of Mark Tandy

    Mark Tandy Cast

  19. Photo of Kåre Conradi

    Kåre Conradi Cast

  20. Photo of Espen Skjønberg

    Espen Skjønberg Cast

  21. Photo of Eindride Eidsvold

    Eindride Eidsvold Cast

  22. Photo of Ola Otnes

    Ola Otnes Cast

  23. Photo of Finn Schau

    Finn Schau Cast

  24. Photo of Rocco Petruzzi

    Rocco Petruzzi Cast

  25. Photo of Vanessa Borgli

    Vanessa Borgli Cast

  26. Photo of Christian Skolmen

    Christian Skolmen Cast

  27. Photo of Jesper Christensen

    Jesper Christensen Cast

  28. Photo of Michael N. Harbour

    Michael N. Harbour Cast

  29. Photo of Pjotr Sapegin

    Pjotr Sapegin Cast

  30. Photo of Lars Arentz-Hansen

    Lars Arentz-Hansen Cast

  31. Photo of Jon Eivind Gullord

    Jon Eivind Gullord Cast

  32. Photo of Sofie Cappelen

    Sofie Cappelen Cast

  33. Photo of Andrea Gustavsson

    Andrea Gustavsson Cast

  34. Photo of Kjell Vassdal

    Kjell Vassdal Cinematography

  35. Photo of Randall Meyers

    Randall Meyers Music

  36. Photo of Bjarte Ulfstein

    Bjarte Ulfstein Production Design

  37. Photo of Michael Elson

    Michael Elson Producer

  38. Photo of John M. Jacobsen

    John M. Jacobsen Producer

  39. Photo of Oddvar Bull Tuhus

    Oddvar Bull Tuhus Producer

  40. Photo of Anne Birte Brunvold Tørstad

    Anne Birte Brunvold Tørstad Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Anne Andressen

    Anne Andressen Editing