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  1. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Sorcerer

  2. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Sorcerer

    4.2 As an adventure story: up there with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I like the long and complicated exposition, too. Great shots and scenes abound. Tangerine Dream provide an excellent soundtrack that is truly contemporary Seventies music.

  3. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Sorcerer

    While the front-loading of character exposition could've been more carefully interwoven, Sorcerer is no less of an achievement. Taking an old-fashioned adventure story & pushing it to the extremes of new Hollywood excess, the film maintains a fearless push for authenticity so prevalent in '70s cinema. The final act & its use of montage to illustrate a character's descent into madness & desperation are unforgettable.

  4. MiloBOK's rating of the film Sorcerer

    One of the most intense movies I've ever seen. So good from start to finish, great direction by Friedkin, and even though all the main characters are bad guys you find yourself wanting them to make it to the end in one piece.

  5. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Sorcerer

    Don't ask too many questions, suspend that disbelief, let yourself squirm at the absurdity of the situation. By no means a masterpiece, and Exhibit A to New Hollywood's last excesses, but fun to be had as Friedkin revels in the darkness.*

  6. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Sorcerer

  7. Eriugena82's rating of the film Sorcerer

    I can't understand why this was so poorly received on it's release as I thought it was excellent. Some of the scenes are literally breathtaking. We find four men, trapped in a remote town, desperate for a way out who take on a life-threatening job. The second half is filled with a genuine tension and a feeling of existential dread. In a similar vein to the likes of Fitzcarraldo or even Apocalypse Now...

  8. f-nanda's rating of the film Sorcerer

    I'd give it a three if it wasn't for the last awesome 20-30 last minutes. EXPLOSIONS YEAH

  9. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Sorcerer

    A remake of the classic, not much has changed

  10. goulton green's rating of the film Sorcerer

    All the heroes' self created myths gone cut short to live up. Brought together in a cauldron, a maelstrom of people's inadequacies and situations starts. Who is the Sorcerer? The God who brought them all together to the all encompassing absurd? Or so it is the way they are taking life, hence the karmic ends follow the entry stories.

  11. In Prague's rating of the film Sorcerer

    i watched this bc of john box

  12. film_lies101's rating of the film Sorcerer

    Everyone talks about the bridge scene, but the one that got me was Scheider losing his mind in the desert. Absolute masterful use of montage

  13. Landen Celano's rating of the film Sorcerer

    Shame on you guys for not telling me how awesome this flick is. Shame. On. You.

  14. Mcpeer's rating of the film Sorcerer

    Thrilling. First-rate in every regard. Rarely does a film literally make my jaw drop. While it takes it's time and doesn't get moving until the journey finally begins, this is one of Friedkin's very best. The bridge sequence is unforgettable and one of the very best in cinema history. I cannot image what went into the making of this film. I'm happy Sorcerer's found life and has been reclassified as a modern classic.

  15. Tom Rubendall's rating of the film Sorcerer

    This bends Spielberg over and fucks him in his ass

  16. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Sorcerer

    A truly tense and riviting piece of cinema. Freidkin shows with great care the psychological and physical strain that men sometimes must go through. The color palate oscillated throughout the movie with no wasted moments and reflected the characters situation perfectly. The second half was exceptional and made me forget the rather forgettable setup in the first. Great acting.

  17. sark's rating of the film Sorcerer

  18. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Sorcerer

    Blu-Ray and Director's cut do justice to William Friedkin's masterpiece 'Sorcerer' that was cursed until recently. A Symphony in Green, Red and Blue deserving to stay as one of the best adventure movies ever shot. No Future. Masterpiece.

  19. ryan birch's rating of the film Sorcerer

  20. Sandy Connell's rating of the film Sorcerer

    One of the most tense, hair-raising films I ever seen. Take care not to get a hernia whilst watching.

  21. Marin's rating of the film Sorcerer

  22. Gustavo Razera's rating of the film Sorcerer

    A hallucinatory, tough-minded, realistic crime/adventure combo that should stand as a testament to Friedkin's gutsy genius and a milestone of 70s nail-biters. The fact that this was, at the time, instantly rejected by both audiences and critics - before killing the director's reputation - speaks volumes about the short-sighted treatment artistic mavericks often get.

  23. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Sorcerer

    A bit messy in the beginning, rather hard to follow... But the journey itself is quite something! And the high tension ala Friedkin is there !

  24. There Will Be Josh Schasny's rating of the film Sorcerer

    A near perfect and overlooked masterpiece. Formally great, visually brilliant. A forgotten gem from the New Hollywood Cinema era. Friedkin's remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot's groundbreaking original ups the tension with great effects and a dark corporate cynicism that leaves the film hopeless and nihilistic. Great film.

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