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  1. Photo of Nils Malmros

    Nils Malmros Director

  2. Photo of Jakob Cedergren

    Jakob Cedergren Cast

  3. Photo of Helle Fagralid

    Helle Fagralid Cast

  4. Photo of Ida Dwinger

    Ida Dwinger Cast

  5. Photo of Kristian Halken

    Kristian Halken Cast

  6. Photo of Nicolas Bro

    Nicolas Bro Cast

  7. Photo of Helle Hertz

    Helle Hertz Cast

  8. Photo of Niels Weyde

    Niels Weyde Cast

  9. Photo of Søren Pilmark

    Søren Pilmark Cast

  10. Photo of Mads Hammer Larsen

    Mads Hammer Larsen Cast

  11. Photo of Anders Brink Madsen

    Anders Brink Madsen Cast

  12. Photo of Henrik Vestergaard

    Henrik Vestergaard Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen

    Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen Cast

  14. Photo of Martha Kjær Danneskjold Rasmussen

    Martha Kjær Danneskjold Rasmussen Cast

  15. Photo of Iben Opstrup Wedel

    Iben Opstrup Wedel Cast

  16. Photo of Jan Weincke

    Jan Weincke Cinematography

  17. Photo of Marianne Junge

    Marianne Junge Production Design

  18. Photo of Thomas Heinesen

    Thomas Heinesen Producer

  19. Photo of Lena Haugaard

    Lena Haugaard Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Henrik Zein

    Henrik Zein Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Birger Møller Jensen

    Birger Møller Jensen Editing