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  1. Photo of Lasse Åberg

    Lasse Åberg Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Bo Jönsson

    Bo Jönsson Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Jon Skolmen

    Jon Skolmen Cast

  4. Photo of Birgitte Söndergaard

    Birgitte Söndergaard Cast

  5. Photo of Tor Isedal

    Tor Isedal Cast

  6. Photo of Anders Ahlbom

    Anders Ahlbom Cast

  7. Photo of Lena-Pia Bernhardsson

    Lena-Pia Bernhardsson Cast

  8. Photo of Ewa Fröling

    Ewa Fröling Cast

  9. Photo of Johan Rabaeus

    Johan Rabaeus Cast

  10. Photo of Susanne Barklund

    Susanne Barklund Cast

  11. Photo of Per Eggers

    Per Eggers Cast

  12. Photo of Claes Janson

    Claes Janson Cast

  13. Photo of Rune Ericson

    Rune Ericson Cinematography

  14. Photo of Bengt Palmers

    Bengt Palmers Music

  15. Photo of Styrbjörn Engström

    Styrbjörn Engström Production Design

  16. Photo of Sylvia Ingemarsson

    Sylvia Ingemarsson Editing