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  1. Photo of Pantelis Voulgaris

    Pantelis Voulgaris Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giannis Iakovidis

    Giannis Iakovidis Producer

  3. Photo of Giannis Angelakas

    Giannis Angelakas Music

  4. Photo of Simos Sarketzis

    Simos Sarketzis Cinematography

  5. Photo of Panos Voutsaras

    Panos Voutsaras Editing

  6. Photo of Apostolos Vettas

    Apostolos Vettas Production Design

  7. Photo of Stefanos Efthymiou

    Stefanos Efthymiou Sound

  8. Photo of Vangelis Mourikis

    Vangelis Mourikis Cast

  9. Photo of Giorgos Symeonidis

    Giorgos Symeonidis Cast

  10. Photo of Victoria Haralabidou

    Victoria Haralabidou Cast

  11. Photo of Kostas Kleftogiannis

    Kostas Kleftogiannis Cast

  12. Photo of Vasilis Nanakis

    Vasilis Nanakis Cast

  13. Photo of Ioulios Tziatas

    Ioulios Tziatas Cast

  14. Photo of Giorgos Tzortzis

    Giorgos Tzortzis Cast

  15. Photo of Alexandra Kazazou

    Alexandra Kazazou Cast

  16. Photo of Klea Samanta

    Klea Samanta Cast

  17. Photo of Ian Robertson

    Ian Robertson Cast

  18. Photo of Hristos Karteris

    Hristos Karteris Cast

  19. Photo of Thanasis Vengos

    Thanasis Vengos Cast

  20. Photo of Giorgos Angelkos

    Giorgos Angelkos Cast

  21. Photo of Anna Partsani

    Anna Partsani Cast