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  1. Photo of George Vouzikis

    George Vouzikis Director, Producer, Cinematography, Cast & 1 more
    George Vouzikis Director, Producer, Cinematography, Cast, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nefeli Papaioannou

    Nefeli Papaioannou Cast

  3. Photo of Iraklis Savvopoulos

    Iraklis Savvopoulos Cast and Music

  4. Photo of Rahel Kapsaski

    Rahel Kapsaski Cast

  5. Photo of Athanasia Karavia

    Athanasia Karavia Cast

  6. Photo of Gabriella Kapsaski

    Gabriella Kapsaski Cast

  7. Photo of Yannis Sioris

    Yannis Sioris Cast

  8. Photo of Yannis Tsakiris

    Yannis Tsakiris Cast

  9. Photo of Christianna Patmanidou

    Christianna Patmanidou Music

  10. Photo of Artemis Sapountzoglou

    Artemis Sapountzoglou Music, Sound Editing

  11. Photo of Quorthon

    Quorthon Music

  12. Photo of Leonardos Hatziioannou

    Leonardos Hatziioannou Producer