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  1. Photo of Caio Sóh

    Caio Sóh Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luana Lobo

    Luana Lobo Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Othon Castro

    Othon Castro Cinematography

  4. Photo of Emilio Dantas

    Emilio Dantas Cast

  5. Photo of Remo Rocha

    Remo Rocha Cast

  6. Photo of Roberto Bomtempo

    Roberto Bomtempo Cast

  7. Photo of Graziella Smichtt

    Graziella Smichtt Cast

  8. Photo of Jayme Matarazzo

    Jayme Matarazzo Cast

  9. Photo of Claudio Lins

    Claudio Lins Cast

  10. Photo of Juliana Lohmann

    Juliana Lohmann Cast

  11. Photo of Gugu Peixoto

    Gugu Peixoto Cast

  12. Photo of Lua Blanco

    Lua Blanco Cast

  13. Photo of Marcelo Mello

    Marcelo Mello Cast

  14. Photo of Paloma Duarte

    Paloma Duarte Cast

  15. Photo of Gustavo Novaes

    Gustavo Novaes Cast

  16. Photo of Bruno Granja

    Bruno Granja Editing

  17. Photo of Bruno Regis

    Bruno Regis Editing

  18. Photo of Maycon Ananias

    Maycon Ananias Music

  19. Photo of Maria Gadú

    Maria Gadú Music

  20. Photo of Aureo Gandur

    Aureo Gandur Music

  21. Photo of Igor Ferreira

    Igor Ferreira Sound

  22. Photo of JP Fonseca

    JP Fonseca Sound

  23. Photo of Diego Vivas

    Diego Vivas Sound