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  1. Photo of Jello Biafra

    Jello Biafra Self

  2. Photo of Rob Bowman

    Rob Bowman Self

  3. Photo of David Crosby

    David Crosby Self

  4. Photo of Davey D

    Davey D Self

  5. Photo of Ani DiFranco

    Ani DiFranco Self

  6. Photo of Steve Earle

    Steve Earle Self

  7. Photo of Michael Franti

    Michael Franti Self

  8. Photo of Ice-T

    Ice-T Self

  9. Photo of Al Jourgensen

    Al Jourgensen Self

  10. Photo of Fat Mike

    Fat Mike Self

  11. Photo of Tom Morello

    Tom Morello Self

  12. Photo of Jackie Richardson

    Jackie Richardson Self

  13. Photo of Boots Riley

    Boots Riley Self

  14. Photo of Henry Rollins

    Henry Rollins Self

  15. Photo of Justin Sane

    Justin Sane Self

  16. Photo of Pete Seeger

    Pete Seeger Self

  17. Photo of Spearhead

    Spearhead Self

  18. Photo of Mischa Chillak

    Mischa Chillak Music

  19. Photo of Jane Michener

    Jane Michener Producer and Director

  20. Photo of Summer Preney

    Summer Preney Producer, Cinematography Director

  21. Photo of Stephen Philipson

    Stephen Philipson Editing