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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Imagefix's rating of the film Sour Grapes

    Pretty...Pretty...not so good. There is some funny stuff here: the "Friends" parody is spot on and I like that the post-op Danny Pepper has the same voice as Dan the high-talker from "The Pledge Drive" episode of Seinfeld. However, it's pretty thin soup. Webber is good, Bierko is okay and Orlando Jones is funny as a sort of proto-Leon, but this would have been better off as a Curb episode.

  2. hgabriel84's rating of the film Sour Grapes

    It's Larry David, what not to like?

  3. britney spears's rating of the film Sour Grapes

    "Not everybody is supposed to like it. First of all, a lot of people go and think they're going to see Seinfeld. And it's not Seinfeld; it's different... It's not Seinfeld. He's not there. Jason isn't there. Julia isn't there. Kramer is not there... I don't know what people want. I mean, what's not to like? It's a good story. It's funny. What's the big deal?" –Larry David