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  1. Photo of James Sant'Anselmo

    James Sant'Anselmo Animation

  2. Photo of Jack Shih

    Jack Shih Animation

  3. Photo of Eric Stough

    Eric Stough Animation

  4. Photo of Frank Sudol

    Frank Sudol Animation

  5. Photo of Adam T. Talbott

    Adam T. Talbott Animation

  6. Photo of David Thergood Jr.

    David Thergood Jr. Animation

  7. Photo of Dan Torre

    Dan Torre Animation

  8. Photo of Paul Trainor

    Paul Trainor Animation

  9. Photo of Michael Trull

    Michael Trull Animation

  10. Photo of August Wartenberg

    August Wartenberg Animation

  11. Photo of David A. Weiner

    David A. Weiner Animation

  12. Photo of Holly Wenger

    Holly Wenger Animation

  13. Photo of Maureen Whelan

    Maureen Whelan Animation

  14. Photo of Heather R. Wilbur

    Heather R. Wilbur Animation

  15. Photo of Amy Winfrey

    Amy Winfrey Animation

  16. Photo of Dustin Woehrmann

    Dustin Woehrmann Animation

  17. Photo of Toni Wurts

    Toni Wurts Animation

  18. Photo of J.C. Wegman

    J.C. Wegman Art Department

  19. Photo of Adrien Beard

    Adrien Beard Art Department

  20. Photo of Gregg Detrich

    Gregg Detrich Art Department

  21. Photo of Nishira Fitzgerald

    Nishira Fitzgerald Art Department

  22. Photo of Joshua C. Hersko

    Joshua C. Hersko Art Department

  23. Photo of Alberto Lozano

    Alberto Lozano Art Department

  24. Photo of Roxanne Patruznick

    Roxanne Patruznick Art Department

  25. Photo of Anthony Postma

    Anthony Postma Art Department

  26. Photo of Greg Postma

    Greg Postma Art Department

  27. Photo of Elaina Scott

    Elaina Scott Art Department

  28. Photo of Keo Thongkham

    Keo Thongkham Art Department and Animation

  29. Photo of Phil Weinstein

    Phil Weinstein Art Department

  30. Photo of Eric Yahnker

    Eric Yahnker Art Department