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  1. Shiro's rating of the film Southwest

  2. F.Bieberkopf's rating of the film Southwest

    MASTERPIECE.Bears most of the characteristic traits of what we call 'slow cinema' but what sets it apart is the complex multipaced use of time.Also the influx of memory, mystery, magic and tragedy,that betrays any possibility of deterministic interpretation takes this film beyond the horizon of any realist residues.The initial discomfort with the extreme widescreen not withstanding, a cinematic experience to savour.

  3. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Southwest

    so empty.. it could at least be an epigonic Tarr offspring, if characters dared to have some sort of inner life or camera were more attempting and sensorial instead of working by the rules of a posh music video's technical precision.

  4. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Southwest

    Eduardo Nune’s debut is a treat for the eyes, with a dazzling black-and-white photography and delightful details in direction. Full Review and Rating:

  5. bennievermeer's rating of the film Southwest

    The most cinematically rewarding film seen at the International Film Festival Rotterdam is the Tiger nominated 'Sudoeste' ('Southwest'). Shot in extreme widescreen (cinemascope) and gorgeous black and white, this poetic and magical-realist film from Brazil might be imagined as Andrei Tarkovsky filming a story by Gabriel García Márquez. Read my full review: