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  1. Photo of Lee Philips

    Lee Philips Director

  2. Photo of Joseph Sargent

    Joseph Sargent Director

  3. Photo of Dick Berg

    Dick Berg Screenplay and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Stirling Silliphant

    Stirling Silliphant Screenplay

  5. Photo of James A. Michener

    James A. Michener Novel

  6. Photo of James Garner

    James Garner Cast

  7. Photo of Beau Bridges

    Beau Bridges Cast

  8. Photo of Bruce Dern

    Bruce Dern Cast

  9. Photo of Harry Hamlin

    Harry Hamlin Cast

  10. Photo of Susan Anspach

    Susan Anspach Cast

  11. Photo of Blair Brown

    Blair Brown Cast

  12. Photo of Melinda Dillon

    Melinda Dillon Cast

  13. Photo of David Dukes

    David Dukes Cast

  14. Photo of Barbara Sukowa

    Barbara Sukowa Cast

  15. Photo of Michael York

    Michael York Cast

  16. Photo of Ralph Bellamy

    Ralph Bellamy Cast

  17. Photo of Martin Balsam

    Martin Balsam Cast

  18. Photo of Roscoe Lee Browne

    Roscoe Lee Browne Cast

  19. Photo of James Sutorius

    James Sutorius Cast

  20. Photo of Stephanie Faracy

    Stephanie Faracy Cast

  21. Photo of Wolf Kahler

    Wolf Kahler Cast

  22. Photo of Clu Gulager

    Clu Gulager Cast

  23. Photo of G.D. Spradlin

    G.D. Spradlin Cast

  24. Photo of Jennifer Runyon

    Jennifer Runyon Cast

  25. Photo of David Spielberg

    David Spielberg Cast

  26. Photo of Bert Remsen

    Bert Remsen Cast

  27. Photo of Maggie Han

    Maggie Han Cast

  28. Photo of Hector R. Figueroa

    Hector R. Figueroa Cinematography

  29. Photo of Gayne Rescher

    Gayne Rescher Cinematography

  30. Photo of Tony Berg

    Tony Berg Music

  31. Photo of Miles Goodman

    Miles Goodman Music

  32. Photo of Joseph R. Jennings

    Joseph R. Jennings Production Design

  33. Photo of Allan Marcil

    Allan Marcil Producer

  34. Photo of Martin Manulis

    Martin Manulis Producer

  35. Photo of Donald R. Rode

    Donald R. Rode Editing

  36. Photo of Patrick Kennedy

    Patrick Kennedy Editing

  37. Photo of George Jay Nicholson

    George Jay Nicholson Editing

  38. Photo of Clark D. King

    Clark D. King Sound

  39. Photo of Brian Simmons

    Brian Simmons Sound