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  1. Photo of David Winters

    David Winters Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Neal Sundstrom

    Neal Sundstrom Director

  3. Photo of John de Kock

    John de Kock Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Hope Holiday

    Hope Holiday Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Debi Nethersole

    Debi Nethersole Producer

  6. Photo of Jonathan Vanger

    Jonathan Vanger Producer

  7. Photo of Maria Dante

    Maria Dante Screenplay

  8. Photo of Ian Yule

    Ian Yule Screenplay

  9. Photo of Vincent G. Cox

    Vincent G. Cox Cinematography

  10. Photo of Andrew Parke

    Andrew Parke Cinematography

  11. Photo of Reb Brown

    Reb Brown Cast

  12. Photo of John Phillip Law

    John Phillip Law Cast

  13. Photo of James Ryan

    James Ryan Cast

  14. Photo of Cameron Mitchell

    Cameron Mitchell Cast

  15. Photo of Cisse Cameron

    Cisse Cameron Cast

  16. Photo of Graham Clarke

    Graham Clarke Cast

  17. Photo of Camille Mitchell

    Camille Mitchell Cast

  18. Photo of Bill Asher

    Bill Asher Editing

  19. Photo of Charlotte Konrad

    Charlotte Konrad Editing

  20. Photo of Catherine Meyburgh

    Catherine Meyburgh Editing

  21. Photo of Geoffrey Hill

    Geoffrey Hill Production Design

  22. Photo of Tim James

    Tim James Music

  23. Photo of Mark Mancina

    Mark Mancina Music

  24. Photo of Steve McClintock

    Steve McClintock Music

  25. Photo of Yvone De Necker

    Yvone De Necker Costume Design