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  1. Photo of John Paddy Carstairs

    John Paddy Carstairs Director

  2. Photo of Basil Dearden

    Basil Dearden Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roger MacDougall

    Roger MacDougall Screenplay

  4. Photo of Austin Melford

    Austin Melford Screenplay

  5. Photo of Bryan Langley

    Bryan Langley Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ray Pitt

    Ray Pitt Editing

  7. Photo of Louis Levy

    Louis Levy Music

  8. Photo of George Formby

    George Formby Cast

  9. Photo of Dorothy Hyson

    Dorothy Hyson Cast

  10. Photo of Bernard Lee

    Bernard Lee Cast

  11. Photo of John Warwick

    John Warwick Cast

  12. Photo of Warburton Gamble

    Warburton Gamble Cast

  13. Photo of John Turnbull

    John Turnbull Cast

  14. Photo of George Merritt

    George Merritt Cast

  15. Photo of Eliot Makeham

    Eliot Makeham Cast

  16. Photo of Ellen Pollock

    Ellen Pollock Cast

  17. Photo of Edward Lexy

    Edward Lexy Cast

  18. Photo of Jack Melford

    Jack Melford Cast

  19. Photo of Hal Gordon

    Hal Gordon Cast