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  1. Photo of Henry Hathaway

    Henry Hathaway Director

  2. Photo of Albert Lewin

    Albert Lewin Producer

  3. Photo of Jules Furthman

    Jules Furthman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Talbot Jennings

    Talbot Jennings Screenplay

  5. Photo of Barrett Willoughby

    Barrett Willoughby Screenplay

  6. Photo of Charles Lang

    Charles Lang Cinematography

  7. Photo of George Raft

    George Raft Cast

  8. Photo of Henry Fonda

    Henry Fonda Cast

  9. Photo of Dorothy Lamour

    Dorothy Lamour Cast

  10. Photo of Fuzzy Knight

    Fuzzy Knight Cast

  11. Photo of Vladimir Sokoloff

    Vladimir Sokoloff Cast

  12. Photo of Ellsworth Hoagland

    Ellsworth Hoagland Editing

  13. Photo of Dimitri Tiomkin

    Dimitri Tiomkin Music

  14. Photo of Akim Tamiroff

    Akim Tamiroff Cast

  15. Photo of John Barrymore

    John Barrymore Cast

  16. Photo of Louise Platt

    Louise Platt Cast

  17. Photo of Lynne Overman

    Lynne Overman Cast

  18. Photo of Duncan Renaldo

    Duncan Renaldo Cast

  19. Photo of John Wray

    John Wray Cast

  20. Photo of Michio Ito

    Michio Ito Cast

  21. Photo of Stanley Andrews

    Stanley Andrews Cast

  22. Photo of Richard Ung

    Richard Ung Cast

  23. Photo of Roland Anderson

    Roland Anderson Production Design

  24. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design