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  1. Photo of William Keighley

    William Keighley Director

  2. Photo of Laird Doyle

    Laird Doyle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Abem Finkel

    Abem Finkel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Samuel Bischoff

    Samuel Bischoff Producer

  5. Photo of Martin Mooney

    Martin Mooney Producer and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sidney Hickox

    Sidney Hickox Cinematography

  7. Photo of Bernhard Kaun

    Bernhard Kaun Music

  8. Photo of Clarence Kolster

    Clarence Kolster Editing

  9. Photo of Esdras Hartley

    Esdras Hartley Production Design

  10. Photo of Bette Davis

    Bette Davis Cast

  11. Photo of George Brent

    George Brent Cast

  12. Photo of Ricardo Cortez

    Ricardo Cortez Cast

  13. Photo of Jack La Rue

    Jack La Rue Cast

  14. Photo of Henry O'Neill

    Henry O'Neill Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Strange

    Robert Strange Cast

  16. Photo of Joseph Crehan

    Joseph Crehan Cast

  17. Photo of J. Carrol Naish

    J. Carrol Naish Cast

  18. Photo of Joe Sawyer

    Joe Sawyer Cast

  19. Photo of William B. Davidson

    William B. Davidson Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Barrat

    Robert Barrat Cast

  21. Photo of Paul Guilfoyle

    Paul Guilfoyle Cast

  22. Photo of Joe King

    Joe King Cast

  23. Photo of Irving Pichel

    Irving Pichel Cast