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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Thomas's rating of the film Special Correspondents

    An interesting and original premise. However, I got the sense that somewhere between the film's conception and realisation Gervais' deftly acerbic ability for subversion to enable pointed social comment was watered down. It had the feel of a TV movie and I felt Gervais' writing talents somewhat underused. Still enjoyable but perhaps a missed opportunity.

  2. SafeStanding's rating of the film Special Correspondents

    Gervais has written and directed this swipe at the banal journalism but it should have been longer, not enough time to develop the scenes without it feeling skipped over. There's just something missing. Enjoyable performance by Gervais who is just typical....Gervais!

  3. Mugino's rating of the film Special Correspondents

    A decent satire that sabotages itself in the last act. Gervais seems to have forgotten that the strength of the premise lies in the deception and subterfuge perpetrated by Frank and Ian. The joke is the gullibility of the public and the BS of media, not the heroism or redemption of our protagonists. A Machiavellian writer would have sharpened this to a more pointed, deadly edge.