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  1. sahandmohajer's rating of the film Special Flight

    Best documentary I have seen! I've always liked observational documentary better, and this is true to the form, and at the same time it's one of the most "informational" of documentaries. No film has made me cry like this film has and have such an authentic experience with the people in the film.

  2. hgmz's rating of the film Special Flight

    How immigrants are treated in EU is scaring. There's absolutely no understanding between the inmates and the administration. The Frambois staff can't do nothing but their job. Their "kindness" and "empathy" strengthen the malaise. I thought Melgar picked up very well-chosen moments and built up a captivating story. The pacing is good, the photo and the sound are just what they need to be and do not shade the subject.

  3. Jennifer Weeks's rating of the film Special Flight

    "We are humans. We fought to get here." "Have a nice trip." This documentary is almost unbelievably well edited (I thought it was dramatized for the first half) and very effectively conveys the danger of using bureaucracy as a buffer against the pain of human empathy.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Special Flight

    The inhuman level of bureaucracy in dealing with 'unwanted immigrants' is well apparent in this devastating documentary by Fernand Melgar. The setting is a Swiss detainment centre (jail) where people can be held for up to 2 years before their eventual deportation back to a country that could well be a danger for them. The 'I've got a job to do' approach of their jailers sounds much like 'I was just following orders'.

  5. Le temps perdu's rating of the film Special Flight

    Moving documentary, impressing portraits of people beween two worlds. It has a haunting end.

  6. Hubert T's rating of the film Special Flight

    Un document tout aussi bouleversant que révoltant. Fernand Melgar capte avec sincérité et pudeur ces moments dramatiques qui nous rappelle l'incroyable quotidien des sans papiers en Europe. Cinq ans après la sortie de vol spécial, en Suisse comme en France, rien n'a changé. Un film dont on ne peut sortir indemne, à nous désormais de lutter, pour la vie.

  7. otaviobreda's rating of the film Special Flight

    It's interesting how legal procedures are done apparently respecting human rights and condition, although they actually uncover a total disrespect to those lives, in a extremely subjective subtle way.

  8. Marius Wilke's rating of the film Special Flight

    An important and horrifying film.

  9. StefaniaMaistrelli's rating of the film Special Flight

    I was actually working there for one year, one lunch every two weeks with the red cross to give books in a all kind of languages. So strange to see this place again in this way. Very moving.

  10. Loxx's rating of the film Special Flight

    A courageous movie. It´s hard to handle the dignity, respect and humanity in all the action taken by Denis, Le Chief or the rest of the staff to make the inmate feel like home for a while but assuring them also that they will go back to their country for sure - one way or the other. May be it´s a human way to treat deportees like this - and may be it´s the worst one human being can do to the other.

  11. cyrikelly's rating of the film Special Flight

    Documentaire poignant, douloureux. Un machine implacable qui détruit l'être humain dans son espoir de liberté, de jours meilleurs. Merci M. Fernand MELGAR.

  12. Axel's rating of the film Special Flight

    Dans la lignée de « La Forteresse » du même réalisateur, ce reportage on ne peut plus d’actualité montre cette fois-ci les conditions de ceux dont la demande d’asile a été refusée, qui sont détenus parfois jusqu’à deux ans, un vol pour leur pays d’origine pouvant être programmé du jour au lendemain. On s’attache très vite à eux. Puis les 10 dernières minutes arrivent par un flash spécial, brutales, révoltantes.

  13. Juan Leal's rating of the film Special Flight

  14. Fabrício Vale's rating of the film Special Flight

    It's amazing the director captured all these dialogs, situations, reactions and conficts in the level of details he did, with silences and face expressions being as important as the dialogs themselves. And there's even a soundtrack, a "real soundtrack" because is sung and heard by the characters and it echoes joyfuly and painfuly in the audience. There's even a clear turning point, the most cruel one.

  15. Martin's rating of the film Special Flight

  16. Laura Suffield's rating of the film Special Flight

    This is getting ridiculous. We've now had 4 films by Agnès Varda in 1 month and 2 films on almost the same subject by Fernand Melgar in 4 days. All of them are excellent films by two excellent filmmakers, but that is not the point. MUBI's programming is not well-balanced and needs to be reconsidered. Please explain the method used to select films.

  17. hoggis's rating of the film Special Flight

    Just came back from the One World Film Festival in Prague after seeing "special flight"-an absolute must-see for European citizens who need a proper wake-up call when it comes to the growing use and acceptance of administrative detention. All respect to director Fernand Melgar.