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  1. Photo of Jim Drake

    Jim Drake Director

  2. Photo of Michael Short

    Michael Short Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Candy

    John Candy Cast

  4. Photo of Donna Dixon

    Donna Dixon Cast

  5. Photo of Matt Frewer

    Matt Frewer Cast

  6. Photo of Joe Flaherty

    Joe Flaherty Cast

  7. Photo of Tim Matheson

    Tim Matheson Cast

  8. Photo of Mimi Kuzyk

    Mimi Kuzyk Cast

  9. Photo of Melody Anderson

    Melody Anderson Cast

  10. Photo of Shari Belafonte

    Shari Belafonte Cast

  11. Photo of Brian George

    Brian George Cast

  12. Photo of Art Hindle

    Art Hindle Cast

  13. Photo of Dick Smothers

    Dick Smothers Cast

  14. Photo of Tom Smothers

    Tom Smothers Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Boyle

    Peter Boyle Cast

  16. Photo of Don Lake

    Don Lake Cast

  17. Photo of John Schneider

    John Schneider Cast

  18. Photo of Jamie Farr

    Jamie Farr Cast

  19. Photo of Lee Van Cleef

    Lee Van Cleef Cast

  20. Photo of Harvey Atkin

    Harvey Atkin Cast

  21. Photo of Eugene Levy

    Eugene Levy Cast

  22. Photo of Brooke Shields

    Brooke Shields Cast

  23. Photo of Alyssa Milano

    Alyssa Milano Cast

  24. Photo of Louis Del Grande

    Louis Del Grande Cast

  25. Photo of Carl Lewis

    Carl Lewis Cast

  26. Photo of François Protat

    François Protat Cinematography

  27. Photo of Robert Saad

    Robert Saad Cinematography

  28. Photo of David Wheatley

    David Wheatley Music

  29. Photo of Michael Economou

    Michael Economou Editing