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  1. Photo of Will Tremper

    Will Tremper Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Harald Leipnitz

    Harald Leipnitz Cast

  3. Photo of Suzanne Roquette

    Suzanne Roquette Cast

  4. Photo of Guido Baumann

    Guido Baumann Cast

  5. Photo of Rudolf Schündler

    Rudolf Schündler Cast

  6. Photo of Ruth-Maria Kubitschek

    Ruth-Maria Kubitschek Cast

  7. Photo of Ingeborg Schöner

    Ingeborg Schöner Cast

  8. Photo of Karel Stepanek

    Karel Stepanek Cast

  9. Photo of Bruce Low

    Bruce Low Cast

  10. Photo of Christian Rode

    Christian Rode Cast

  11. Photo of Helga Zeckra

    Helga Zeckra Cast

  12. Photo of Ursula van der Wielen

    Ursula van der Wielen Cast

  13. Photo of Christina von Falz-Fein

    Christina von Falz-Fein Cast

  14. Photo of Max Nosseck

    Max Nosseck Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Bergmann

    Hans Bergmann Cast

  16. Photo of Hans Jura

    Hans Jura Cinematography

  17. Photo of Heinz Schreiter

    Heinz Schreiter Music

  18. Photo of Ernst Neubach

    Ernst Neubach Producer, Cast Novel

  19. Photo of Ursula Möhrle

    Ursula Möhrle Editing

  20. Photo of Wolfgang Lührse

    Wolfgang Lührse Sound

  21. Photo of Christine Viertel

    Christine Viertel Costume Design