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  1. Photo of Zhang Yang

    Zhang Yang Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Liu Fendou

    Liu Fendou Screenplay

  3. Photo of Diao Yi'nan

    Diao Yi'nan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cai Shangjun

    Cai Shangjun Screenplay

  5. Photo of Xu Jinglei

    Xu Jinglei Cast

  6. Photo of Pu Cunxin

    Pu Cunxin Cast

  7. Photo of Emil Chau

    Emil Chau Cast

  8. Photo of Gao Yuanyuan

    Gao Yuanyuan Cast

  9. Photo of Xu Fan

    Xu Fan Cast

  10. Photo of Tao Guo

    Tao Guo Cast

  11. Photo of Li Bin

    Li Bin Cast

  12. Photo of Lü Liping

    Lü Liping Cast

  13. Photo of Shao Bing

    Shao Bing Cast

  14. Photo of Wen Xingyu

    Wen Xingyu Cast

  15. Photo of Zhang Jian

    Zhang Jian Cinematography

  16. Photo of Jia Minshou

    Jia Minshou Music

  17. Photo of Hai Zhao

    Hai Zhao Production Design

  18. Photo of Zhang Pimin

    Zhang Pimin Producer

  19. Photo of Sam Duann

    Sam Duann Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Peter Loehr

    Peter Loehr Executive Producer, Screenplay Producer

  21. Photo of Yang Hongyu

    Yang Hongyu Editing

  22. Photo of Wu Lala

    Wu Lala Sound

  23. Photo of Zhao Shuang

    Zhao Shuang Costume Design