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  1. Photo of Ginan Seidl

    Ginan Seidl Director, Sound, Editing Producer

  2. Photo of Susanne Sachße

    Susanne Sachße Cast

  3. Photo of Norman Sieroka

    Norman Sieroka Cast

  4. Photo of Ş. Barihüda Tanrikorur

    Ş. Barihüda Tanrikorur Cast

  5. Photo of Cheihka H. Nur Artiran

    Cheihka H. Nur Artiran Cast

  6. Photo of Zafer Gürel

    Zafer Gürel Cast

  7. Photo of Veli Aksoy

    Veli Aksoy Cast

  8. Photo of Helena Eckert

    Helena Eckert Cast

  9. Photo of Karen Barad

    Karen Barad Cast

  10. Photo of Ray Peter Maletzki

    Ray Peter Maletzki Cinematography and Producer

  11. Photo of Stephan Helmut Beier

    Stephan Helmut Beier Producer