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  1. Photo of Adam Gutch

    Adam Gutch Director, Producer, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Tambi Anak Kasi

    Tambi Anak Kasi Cast

  3. Photo of Delly Anak Tambi

    Delly Anak Tambi Cast

  4. Photo of Ujan Anak Paing

    Ujan Anak Paing Cast

  5. Photo of Mat Davidson

    Mat Davidson Music

  6. Photo of Shewring Chu-Li

    Shewring Chu-Li Producer, Sound, Editing, Director & 1 more
    Shewring Chu-Li Producer, Sound, Editing, Director, Screenplay

  7. Photo of Maxyne Franklin

    Maxyne Franklin Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Nik Powell

    Nik Powell Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Jess Search

    Jess Search Executive Producer