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  1. Photo of Maggie Rodford

    Maggie Rodford Music

  2. Photo of Steven L. Smith

    Steven L. Smith Music

  3. Photo of Tony Stanton

    Tony Stanton Music

  4. Photo of Mel Wesson

    Mel Wesson Music

  5. Photo of Reggie Wilson

    Reggie Wilson Music

  6. Photo of Bryan Adams

    Bryan Adams Lyrics

  7. Photo of Kathy Altieri

    Kathy Altieri Production Design

  8. Photo of Jeffrey Katzenberg

    Jeffrey Katzenberg Producer

  9. Photo of Mireille Soria

    Mireille Soria Producer

  10. Photo of Max Howard

    Max Howard Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Nick Fletcher

    Nick Fletcher Editing

  12. Photo of Clare De Chenu

    Clare De Chenu Editing

  13. Photo of Robert Bagley

    Robert Bagley Editing

  14. Photo of James Beshears

    James Beshears Editing

  15. Photo of Terry Claborn

    Terry Claborn Editing

  16. Photo of David J. Duff

    David J. Duff Editing

  17. Photo of Mo Henry

    Mo Henry Editing

  18. Photo of Lois Hoover

    Lois Hoover Editing

  19. Photo of Rich Mackay

    Rich Mackay Editing

  20. Photo of James Ryan

    James Ryan Editing

  21. Photo of Mary Beth Smith

    Mary Beth Smith Editing

  22. Photo of Mark Solomon

    Mark Solomon Editing

  23. Photo of Marcus Taylor

    Marcus Taylor Editing

  24. Photo of Joseph Thygesen

    Joseph Thygesen Editing

  25. Photo of Tim Chau

    Tim Chau Sound

  26. Photo of Carmen Baker

    Carmen Baker Sound

  27. Photo of Anna Behlmer

    Anna Behlmer Sound

  28. Photo of Jim Brookshire

    Jim Brookshire Sound

  29. Photo of Albert Gasser

    Albert Gasser Sound

  30. Photo of Jeff Gomillion

    Jeff Gomillion Sound

  31. Photo of Randall Guth

    Randall Guth Sound

  32. Photo of Craig Heath

    Craig Heath Sound

  33. Photo of Cindy Hinkleman

    Cindy Hinkleman Sound

  34. Photo of Nils C. Jensen

    Nils C. Jensen Sound

  35. Photo of David Kern

    David Kern Sound

  36. Photo of Mary Jo Lang

    Mary Jo Lang Sound

  37. Photo of David Marcus

    David Marcus Sound

  38. Photo of Paul Massey

    Paul Massey Sound

  39. Photo of Alyson Dee Moore

    Alyson Dee Moore Sound

  40. Photo of Piero Mura

    Piero Mura Sound

  41. Photo of Andy Nelson

    Andy Nelson Sound

  42. Photo of Douglas Parker

    Douglas Parker Sound

  43. Photo of Troy Porter

    Troy Porter Sound

  44. Photo of Robert Renga

    Robert Renga Sound

  45. Photo of John Roesch

    John Roesch Sound

  46. Photo of Philip Rogers

    Philip Rogers Sound

  47. Photo of Carlos Sotolongo

    Carlos Sotolongo Sound

  48. Photo of Denis St. Amand

    Denis St. Amand Sound