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  1. Photo of Wong Yue

    Wong Yue Cast

  2. Photo of Cecilia Wong

    Cecilia Wong Cast

  3. Photo of Chia Yung Liu

    Chia Yung Liu Cast

  4. Photo of Chang Hsi

    Chang Hsi Cast

  5. Photo of John Cheung

    John Cheung Cast

  6. Photo of Han Chiang

    Han Chiang Cast

  7. Photo of Norman Chu

    Norman Chu Cast

  8. Photo of Hsiao Hou

    Hsiao Hou Cast

  9. Photo of Lee Hoi Sang

    Lee Hoi Sang Cast

  10. Photo of Wilson Tong

    Wilson Tong Cast

  11. Photo of Siu Hung Cham

    Siu Hung Cham Cast

  12. Photo of Lung Chan

    Lung Chan Cast

  13. Photo of Cheung Chok-Chow

    Cheung Chok-Chow Cast

  14. Photo of Wah Cheung

    Wah Cheung Cast

  15. Photo of Chien Szu-ying

    Chien Szu-ying Cast

  16. Photo of Chin Tien-chu

    Chin Tien-chu Cast

  17. Photo of Chi Cheng Ho

    Chi Cheng Ho Cast

  18. Photo of Lai Kim-Hung

    Lai Kim-Hung Cast

  19. Photo of King Chu Lee

    King Chu Lee Cast

  20. Photo of Ke Ming Lin

    Ke Ming Lin Cast

  21. Photo of Liu Chun

    Liu Chun Cast

  22. Photo of Ting Gou Meng

    Ting Gou Meng Cast

  23. Photo of Ouyang Sha-fei

    Ouyang Sha-fei Cast

  24. Photo of Sai Gwa-pau

    Sai Gwa-pau Cast

  25. Photo of Shen Hsin

    Shen Hsin Cast

  26. Photo of Lao Shen

    Lao Shen Cast

  27. Photo of Wan Fat

    Wan Fat Cast

  28. Photo of Ching Ho Wang

    Ching Ho Wang Cast

  29. Photo of Arthur Wong

    Arthur Wong Cinematography

  30. Photo of Liu Chia-Hui

    Liu Chia-Hui Producer and Cast

  31. Photo of Liu Chia-Liang

    Liu Chia-Liang Producer and Director

  32. Photo of Chou Kuo-chung

    Chou Kuo-chung Editing