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  1. Photo of Vincent Morisset

    Vincent Morisset Director

  2. Photo of Win Butler

    Win Butler Cast and Music

  3. Photo of Will Butler

    Will Butler Cast and Music

  4. Photo of Tim Kingsbury

    Tim Kingsbury Cast and Music

  5. Photo of Karine Denault

    Karine Denault Cast

  6. Photo of Gabrielle Desgagnés

    Gabrielle Desgagnés Cast

  7. Photo of Noémie Dufour-Campeau

    Noémie Dufour-Campeau Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Eden-Towle

    Mark Eden-Towle Cast

  9. Photo of Alan Lake

    Alan Lake Cast

  10. Photo of Milan Panet-Raymond

    Milan Panet-Raymond Cast

  11. Photo of Esther Rousseau-Morin

    Esther Rousseau-Morin Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Watts

    Michael Watts Cast

  13. Photo of Christophe Collette

    Christophe Collette Cinematography

  14. Photo of Arcade Fire

    Arcade Fire Music and Cast

  15. Photo of Régine Chassagne

    Régine Chassagne Music and Cast

  16. Photo of Richard Reed Parry

    Richard Reed Parry Music and Cast

  17. Photo of Jeremy Gara

    Jeremy Gara Music and Cast

  18. Photo of Sarah Neufeld

    Sarah Neufeld Music and Cast

  19. Photo of Jean-Luc Della Montagna

    Jean-Luc Della Montagna Producer

  20. Photo of Stéphane Lafleur

    Stéphane Lafleur Editing

  21. Photo of Renata Morales

    Renata Morales Art Department

  22. Photo of Guillaume Pelletier

    Guillaume Pelletier Visual Effects

  23. Photo of Dana Gingras

    Dana Gingras Choreography