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  1. Photo of Richard Oswald

    Richard Oswald Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Friedrich Raff

    Friedrich Raff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Herbert Rosenfeld

    Herbert Rosenfeld Screenplay

  4. Photo of Frank Wedekind

    Frank Wedekind Play

  5. Photo of Mathilde Sussin

    Mathilde Sussin Cast

  6. Photo of Toni van Eyck

    Toni van Eyck Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Henckels

    Paul Henckels Cast

  8. Photo of Carl Balhaus

    Carl Balhaus Cast

  9. Photo of Rolf von Goth

    Rolf von Goth Cast

  10. Photo of Ita Rina

    Ita Rina Cast

  11. Photo of Willy Clever

    Willy Clever Cast

  12. Photo of Valy Arnheim

    Valy Arnheim Cast

  13. Photo of Fritz Rasp

    Fritz Rasp Cast

  14. Photo of Bernhard Goetzke

    Bernhard Goetzke Cast

  15. Photo of Sigi Hofer

    Sigi Hofer Cast

  16. Photo of Eduard Hoesch

    Eduard Hoesch Cinematography

  17. Photo of Liddy Hegewald

    Liddy Hegewald Producer