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  1. Photo of Isao Yukisada

    Isao Yukisada Director

  2. Photo of Yukio Mishima

    Yukio Mishima Screenplay

  3. Photo of Chihiro Ito

    Chihiro Ito Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shinsuke Sato

    Shinsuke Sato Screenplay

  5. Photo of Morio Amagi

    Morio Amagi Producer

  6. Photo of Kei Haruna

    Kei Haruna Producer

  7. Photo of Tarô Iwashiro

    Tarô Iwashiro Music

  8. Photo of Lee Ping-Bin

    Lee Ping-Bin Cinematography

  9. Photo of Takeshi Imai

    Takeshi Imai Editing

  10. Photo of Osamu Yamaguchi

    Osamu Yamaguchi Production Design

  11. Photo of Hiroki Ito

    Hiroki Ito Sound

  12. Photo of Satoshi Tsumabuki

    Satoshi Tsumabuki Cast

  13. Photo of Yūko Takeuchi

    Yūko Takeuchi Cast

  14. Photo of Sôsuke Takaoka

    Sôsuke Takaoka Cast

  15. Photo of Mitsuhiro Oikawa

    Mitsuhiro Oikawa Cast

  16. Photo of Tomorowo Taguchi

    Tomorowo Taguchi Cast

  17. Photo of Atsuko Takahata

    Atsuko Takahata Cast

  18. Photo of Kenjiro Ishimaru

    Kenjiro Ishimaru Cast

  19. Photo of Yoshiko Miyazaki

    Yoshiko Miyazaki Cast

  20. Photo of Kyôko Kishida

    Kyôko Kishida Cast

  21. Photo of Kyôko Maya

    Kyôko Maya Cast

  22. Photo of Takaaki Enoki

    Takaaki Enoki Cast

  23. Photo of Michiyo Ohkusu

    Michiyo Ohkusu Cast

  24. Photo of Mirai Shida

    Mirai Shida Cast

  25. Photo of Chie Tanaka

    Chie Tanaka Cast

  26. Photo of Shôhei Uno

    Shôhei Uno Cast

  27. Photo of Ayako Wakao

    Ayako Wakao Cast

  28. Photo of Kei Yamamoto

    Kei Yamamoto Cast