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  1. Photo of Stole Jankovic

    Stole Jankovic Director

  2. Photo of Antonije Isaković

    Antonije Isaković Screenplay

  3. Photo of Branko Plesa

    Branko Plesa Cast

  4. Photo of Predrag Laković

    Predrag Laković Cast

  5. Photo of Ljuba Kovacevic

    Ljuba Kovacevic Cast

  6. Photo of Jozo Laurenčić

    Jozo Laurenčić Cast

  7. Photo of Nikola Popovic

    Nikola Popovic Cast

  8. Photo of Salko Repak

    Salko Repak Cast

  9. Photo of Miroslav Petrovic

    Miroslav Petrovic Cast

  10. Photo of Stole Arandjelovic

    Stole Arandjelovic Cast

  11. Photo of Nada Skrinjar

    Nada Skrinjar Cast

  12. Photo of Vera Cukic

    Vera Cukic Cast