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  1. Photo of Barnaby Thompson

    Barnaby Thompson Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Paul Bretttive

    Paul Bretttive Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Nigel Green

    Nigel Green Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Chris Smith

    Chris Smith Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Tim Smith

    Tim Smith Executive Producer

  6. Photo of James Spring

    James Spring Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Oliver Parker

    Oliver Parker Producer and Director

  8. Photo of Piers Ashworth

    Piers Ashworth Screenplay

  9. Photo of Jamie Minoprio

    Jamie Minoprio Screenplay

  10. Photo of Nick Moorcroft

    Nick Moorcroft Screenplay

  11. Photo of Jonathan M. Stern

    Jonathan M. Stern Screenplay

  12. Photo of David Higgs

    David Higgs Cinematography

  13. Photo of Rupert Everett

    Rupert Everett Cast and Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Colin Firth

    Colin Firth Cast

  15. Photo of David Tennant

    David Tennant Cast

  16. Photo of Talulah Riley

    Talulah Riley Cast

  17. Photo of Jodie Whittaker

    Jodie Whittaker Cast

  18. Photo of Juno Temple

    Juno Temple Cast

  19. Photo of Tamsin Egerton

    Tamsin Egerton Cast

  20. Photo of Toby Jones

    Toby Jones Cast

  21. Photo of Sarah Harding

    Sarah Harding Cast

  22. Photo of Zawe Ashton

    Zawe Ashton Cast

  23. Photo of Montserrat Lombard

    Montserrat Lombard Cast

  24. Photo of Ella Smith

    Ella Smith Cast

  25. Photo of Celia Imrie

    Celia Imrie Cast

  26. Photo of Clara Paget

    Clara Paget Cast

  27. Photo of Gabriella Wilde

    Gabriella Wilde Cast

  28. Photo of Cloe Mackie

    Cloe Mackie Cast

  29. Photo of Jessica Bell

    Jessica Bell Cast

  30. Photo of Holly Mackie

    Holly Mackie Cast

  31. Photo of Gemma Arterton

    Gemma Arterton Cast

  32. Photo of Emma E. Hickox

    Emma E. Hickox Editing

  33. Photo of Amanda McArthur

    Amanda McArthur Production Design

  34. Photo of Charlie Mole

    Charlie Mole Music

  35. Photo of Rebecca Hale

    Rebecca Hale Costume Design

  36. Photo of Max Hoskins

    Max Hoskins Sound