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  1. Photo of Sidney Lumet

    Sidney Lumet Director

  2. Photo of Zoe Akins

    Zoe Akins Screenplay

  3. Photo of Augustus Goetz

    Augustus Goetz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ruth Goetz

    Ruth Goetz Screenplay

  5. Photo of Henry Fonda

    Henry Fonda Cast

  6. Photo of Susan Strasberg

    Susan Strasberg Cast

  7. Photo of Joan Greenwood

    Joan Greenwood Cast

  8. Photo of Herbert Marshall

    Herbert Marshall Cast

  9. Photo of Christopher Plummer

    Christopher Plummer Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Ocko

    Daniel Ocko Cast

  11. Photo of Pat Harrington Jr.

    Pat Harrington Jr. Cast

  12. Photo of Frank Campanella

    Frank Campanella Cast

  13. Photo of John Fiedler

    John Fiedler Cast

  14. Photo of Jack Weston

    Jack Weston Cast

  15. Photo of Sally Gracie

    Sally Gracie Cast

  16. Photo of Nina Hansen

    Nina Hansen Cast

  17. Photo of Harold Grau

    Harold Grau Cast

  18. Photo of Maurice Hartzband

    Maurice Hartzband Cinematography

  19. Photo of Franz Planer

    Franz Planer Cinematography

  20. Photo of Alex North

    Alex North Music

  21. Photo of Kim Swados

    Kim Swados Production Design

  22. Photo of Stuart Millar

    Stuart Millar Producer

  23. Photo of William Dozier

    William Dozier Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Stuart Gilmore

    Stuart Gilmore Editing

  25. Photo of James A. Gleason

    James A. Gleason Sound

  26. Photo of Terry Kellum

    Terry Kellum Sound

  27. Photo of Moss Mabry

    Moss Mabry Costume Design