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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Ce n'est pas la présence d'une trentaine d'acteurs, 25.000 figurants, 100 cascadeurs, 22 poids-lourds, 45 camions, 20 camionnettes, 29 omnibus, 50 voitures, 10 traîneaux à moteur, 25 blindés tchèques, 18 blindés finlandais, 6 avions, un train, 8 tonnes d'explosifs, 200.000 munitions d'artillerie, 10.000 costumes, qui y changeront grand chose; on est loin d'une oeuvre inoubliable bien au contraire.

  2. Zach Closs's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Harrowing yet humane depiction of an army of broken spirits caving in on itself. Memorably captures the self-loathing of exhausted men forced to be Nazis, and the Russian civilians they victimized.

  3. S Campbell's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Top drawer war film about one of the most deadliest conflict's of world war 2

  4. ceknklsn's rating of the film Stalingrad

  5. Jimmi HRS's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Heart wrenching and utterly insane depiction of the horrors and pointlessness of the war at Stalingrad. I never really felt a close bond with the characters, but it shows the humanity of the people caught up in it even if they were on the bad side.

  6. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Stalingrad came five years before Saving Private Ryan, and while it's not as epic in scope, it's close, and it's more heart-wrenching. Unlike that Spielberg film it has much less moments of ham-handedness, feeling much more authentic in its empathetic portrayals of its characters, and has a more fitting anti-war message. It's also remarkable that we care for these German characters forced to be Nazis, as well.

  7. Taylor Geddes's rating of the film Stalingrad

  8. Luka's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Do not watch this film through the 'original' English dubbed version which seems to be the default DVD edition from the shops. Get your hands on the German audio/English sub version and enjoy. Been watching this movie since I was small and I always had to look past the Eurotrashy/porno feel the English dubbing gave to the film to enjoy it, but only just watched the proper version and yeah, solid 4 stars.

  9. Dukkha-post's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Have you ever been in the dessert? The only good thing are the stars. They're so close.

  10. Mymosh the Selfbegotten's rating of the film Stalingrad

    Another crime against humanity documented. Here we finally have a film that exposes the genocidal atrocities perpetrated on the German army by the Russian winter...