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  1. leoparda's rating of the film Stalker

  2. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Stalker

    Superbly haunting, existentialist investigation of the core of human desire with a wonderfully unexpected 4th-wall-breaking shift in perspective at the end. The cinematography is meticulous and the warbling score creates a constant, destabilising sense of unease. 4.5 stars

  3. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Stalker

  4. SebastianKorteweg's rating of the film Stalker

    One the most spiritual films that Tarkovsky has given us. As enigmatic and intense as you'll ever experience.

  5. Arne Hain's rating of the film Stalker

    Fantastic toxic Sets, that caused Tarkovskij to get cancer.

  6. Ximena Rubio's rating of the film Stalker

    El amor matiza el deseo y lo hace menos codicioso y menos anhelante, lo armoniza más con la vida y la hace suficiente.

  7. Hermann A. RG's rating of the film Stalker

    Love is the deepest desire.

  8. PeterK94's rating of the film Stalker

    I can see why this is a good film thinking about it in retrospect but I would rather eat a glass sandwich than sit through it again.

  9. ccconly's rating of the film Stalker

    I found myself entranced by the dialogue. The characters were so rich and entertaining. That being said, I think this movie exposed how much I depend on the fast-paced editing of modern films. In times where I ought to have felt suspense, I was worried more about how uncomfortable my seat was.

  10. Aardsy's rating of the film Stalker

    Can't handle the breakneck pace of SOLARIS?

  11. Wouter B's rating of the film Stalker

    The film is a very slow loose combination of beautiful scenes (mostly due to where it is filmed, not how it is filmed), long monologues, poetry and mystery, not a pleasant experience to watch. I think the films content could work better in another format (graphic novel?).

  12. Prithwi's rating of the film Stalker

    Tarkovsky best film for me even after three viewings I am still not been able to put all my thoughts in few sentences because it’s daunting

  13. ceknklsn's rating of the film Stalker

    58/100 (I'm so sorry Tarkovsky because this is the bullshit idea. I say truth to you : "There is no god, religion is lying.")

  14. Cinesickness's rating of the film Stalker

    Enigma drips from the very depths of this movie..masterwork from Tarkovsky..the kind of work that'll be admired for years to come!!

  15. Andra Nicoleanu's rating of the film Stalker

    My fascination with the extra-terrestrial draws me towards Tarkovsky's films. But every time he makes the other-worldly seem human.

  16. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Stalker

    a classic that doesn't let you down with it's execution...a piece of pure spiritual it again....

  17. Benedicte Gran's rating of the film Stalker

    I love visiting this universe. The atmosphere, the visuals, the language, the feelings - it all makes me want to visit the world of Tarkovsky over and over again.

  18. Daniela Cabrita's rating of the film Stalker

    "I don't give a damn about inspiration. How would I know the right word for what I want? How would I know that actually I don't want what I want? Or that I actually don't want what I don't want? They are elusive things: the moment we name them, their meaning disappears, melts, dissolves like a jellyfish in the sun. My conscience wants vegetarianism to win over the world. And my subconscious is yearning for (cont.)

  19. Emily Carrasco's rating of the film Stalker

    what better way to spend the day watching soviet art films

  20. William R Clark's rating of the film Stalker

    You cannot follow a straight path, and you cannot go back the way you came. A broken kind of allegory, that sends forth its ideas but is constantly trying to take them back, we think we have an answer to the question, but then the movie reveals we've been asking the wrong question. And where the hell do these images come from, so uncanny. A world in search of a humanity.

  21. lbunuel's rating of the film Stalker

    I watched this once, a decade ago, and I'm afraid of watching it again, basically because it was the most extraordinary cinematic experience in my life.

  22. Mafalda Costa's rating of the film Stalker

  23. PlotnykLRTN's rating of the film Stalker

    Фильм, где ничего не происходит, все происходит. Возможно, лучший фильм из моей матери.

  24. Cyltie's rating of the film Stalker

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