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  1. Photo of W.S. Van Dyke

    W.S. Van Dyke Director

  2. Photo of Forbes Parkhill

    Forbes Parkhill Screenplay

  3. Photo of James M. Cain

    James M. Cain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jane Murfin

    Jane Murfin Screenplay

  5. Photo of Harvey Fergusson

    Harvey Fergusson Screenplay

  6. Photo of Laurence Stallings

    Laurence Stallings Screenplay

  7. Photo of Wallace Beery

    Wallace Beery Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor Cast

  9. Photo of Florence Rice

    Florence Rice Cast

  10. Photo of Helen Broderick

    Helen Broderick Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Bickford

    Charles Bickford Cast

  12. Photo of Barton MacLane

    Barton MacLane Cast

  13. Photo of Charley Grapewin

    Charley Grapewin Cast

  14. Photo of John Qualen

    John Qualen Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Gleckler

    Robert Gleckler Cast

  16. Photo of Clinton Rosemond

    Clinton Rosemond Cast

  17. Photo of Cy Kendall

    Cy Kendall Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Everton

    Paul Everton Cast

  19. Photo of Claudia Morgan

    Claudia Morgan Cast

  20. Photo of Selmer Jackson

    Selmer Jackson Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Middlemass

    Robert Middlemass Cast

  22. Photo of Jonathan Hale

    Jonathan Hale Cast

  23. Photo of Leonard Smith

    Leonard Smith Cinematography

  24. Photo of William Axt

    William Axt Music

  25. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  26. Photo of Mervyn LeRoy

    Mervyn LeRoy Producer

  27. Photo of J. Walter Ruben

    J. Walter Ruben Producer

  28. Photo of Frank Sullivan

    Frank Sullivan Editing

  29. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound