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  1. Photo of Walter Dallas

    Walter Dallas Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ntozake Shange

    Ntozake Shange Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alan Slutsky

    Alan Slutsky Screenplay, Producer Music

  4. Photo of Richard 'Pistol' Allen

    Richard 'Pistol' Allen Cast

  5. Photo of Jack Ashford

    Jack Ashford Cast

  6. Photo of Bob Babbitt

    Bob Babbitt Cast

  7. Photo of Benny 'Papa Zita' Benjamin

    Benny 'Papa Zita' Benjamin Cast

  8. Photo of Eddie 'Bongo' Brown

    Eddie 'Bongo' Brown Cast

  9. Photo of Bootsy Collins

    Bootsy Collins Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Justman

    Paul Justman Producer and Director

  11. Photo of Sandford Passman

    Sandford Passman Producer

  12. Photo of Douglas Milsome

    Douglas Milsome Cinematography

  13. Photo of Lon Stratton

    Lon Stratton Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ben Harper

    Ben Harper Cast

  15. Photo of Chaka Khan

    Chaka Khan Cast

  16. Photo of Johnny Griffith

    Johnny Griffith Cast

  17. Photo of Uriel Jones

    Uriel Jones Cast

  18. Photo of Montell Jordan

    Montell Jordan Cast

  19. Photo of Gerald Levert

    Gerald Levert Cast

  20. Photo of Joe Messina

    Joe Messina Cast

  21. Photo of Meshell Ndegeocello

    Meshell Ndegeocello Cast

  22. Photo of Joan Osborne

    Joan Osborne Cast

  23. Photo of Rudy Robinson

    Rudy Robinson Cast

  24. Photo of Tom Scott

    Tom Scott Cast

  25. Photo of Earl Van Dyke

    Earl Van Dyke Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Elliot

    Paul Elliot Executive Producer

  27. Photo of David Scott

    David Scott Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Anne Erikson

    Anne Erikson Editing

  29. Photo of Rolfe D. Bergsman

    Rolfe D. Bergsman Production Design