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  1. Isabella Marques's rating of the film Starbuck

    Drôle, juste, touchant, parfaitement réalisé et interprété... Beaucoup ri, beaucoup pleuré... Je recommande chaudement !

  2. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Starbuck

    Sur 1 super idée (533 enfants, dont 142 veulent connaître leur père), Ken SCOTT (réal.) & Patrick HUARD (star) tissent 1 canevas sur la paternité. Original, sympa & décalé. Mention à David Giguère & sa chanson "L'Atelier". On a great idea (533 children, of whom 142 want to know their dad), Ken SCOTT & Patrick HUARD (leading role) weave a canvas on paternity. Original, nice & offbeat. Cool sound track by David GIGUERE

  3. c.g's rating of the film Starbuck

  4. hellobonjour's rating of the film Starbuck

    2.5 parce que je suis encore etonnee par laccent quebecois

  5. Cristineagoe's rating of the film Starbuck

    Nice movie to watch with family, friends or a lover.

  6. Vlady's rating of the film Starbuck

  7. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Starbuck

  8. Cinema Paradisio's rating of the film Starbuck

    Wait a minute. The new Vince Vaughn movie or a rip or remake of this movie. Why can't Hollywood create movies without ripping off other peoples ideas.?

  9. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Starbuck

    “Starbuck” is easy watching, even if not totally satisfying with its episodic sentimental manipulations and a romantic side of the story that turned out flat. Full Review and Rating:

  10. msmichel's rating of the film Starbuck

    Strong Quebecois comedy from writer Ken Scott ripe for an inferior American remake. Patrick Huard stars as a man who suddenly finds out he has fathered over 500 children from donations made years ago and has to come to terms with accepting it or remaining hidden. Huard, a true star in Quebec, rings true in this montreal set comedy. By no terms deep and a little hackneyed but a crowd pleaser for sure.

  11. MGeo's rating of the film Starbuck

    My dad wanted to see this because a co-worker of his told him it was great; so I came along with him. This was completely off my radar and I had never heard of it before. As such I went in completely blind. This was a pleasant surprise and it is genuinely touching.I f you told anyone the premise, they might be skeptical, but you only have to see it to realize how special and great it is. One of the year's best.

  12. Sinziana Medvetchi's rating of the film Starbuck

    Outrageous unlikely - so all the more interesting - premise for the story and personable characters that are easy to warm up to. There's a song by The National on the OST that was an unexpected significant plus.

  13. sami's rating of the film Starbuck

    The premise is farcical enough to make for a good comedy, but sadly Starbuck is not as funny as it should have been. It's also way too sentimental for my taste. That said, "Starbuck" has a couple of things going for it: a warm and funny performance by Patrick Huard and the fact that everyone speaks with a thick French Canadian accent, which in itself is an endless source of unintentional comedy.

  14. Jason Callen's rating of the film Starbuck

  15. dBainy's rating of the film Starbuck

    The Idiot -Hero gets embraced by the people suing him. Very convincing plot line. Not. Please no more child rearing campaigns. This is counter productive.

  16. Trang Dinh's rating of the film Starbuck

  17. Heather Davison Greig's rating of the film Starbuck

    This was a great movie - from beginning to end!!! 2 thumbs up!!!! This movie received a standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival

  18. Ben 94's rating of the film Starbuck

    Ken Scott m'a décu cette fois-ci. La prochaine fois eput-être.