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Ratings & Reviews

  1. DaisyJ's rating of the film Stardoom

    I've seen so many movies about show business so the story is very outdated. The main character is very unsympathetic and his fate at the end of the movie is well deserved. Intriguing movie but pales in comparison to other Brocka films.

  2. Jerome Magajes's rating of the film Stardoom

    UPDATE:This film is all about a sing- and -dance film.It was released on October 8 1971 according to IMDB.Rest of cast are Joonee Gamboa,Celeste Legaspi and Tita Munoz.This film is also a ''variety TV show-like'' film.According to Youtube called BROCKA'S STARDOOM(1971) ( at 0:33-a woman who wearing a black blouse with a woman wearing a dress said ''See you later''.