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  1. Photo of Ossama Mohammed

    Ossama Mohammed Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Zuhair Abdulkarim

    Zuhair Abdulkarim Cast

  3. Photo of Maha Saleh

    Maha Saleh Cast

  4. Photo of Abdulatif Abdulhamid

    Abdulatif Abdulhamid Cast

  5. Photo of Sabah As-Salem

    Sabah As-Salem Cast

  6. Photo of Saad Eddin Baqdoones

    Saad Eddin Baqdoones Cast

  7. Photo of Fuad Ghazi

    Fuad Ghazi Cast

  8. Photo of Muhsen Ghazi

    Muhsen Ghazi Cast

  9. Photo of Ahmad Hassan

    Ahmad Hassan Cast

  10. Photo of Radwan Jamoos

    Radwan Jamoos Cast

  11. Photo of Zuhair Ramadan

    Zuhair Ramadan Cast

  12. Photo of Abdulqader Sharbaji

    Abdulqader Sharbaji Cinematography

  13. Photo of Rida Hus-hos

    Rida Hus-hos Production Design

  14. Photo of Antoinette Azarieh

    Antoinette Azarieh Editing