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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel S.'s rating of the film State Fair

    Now now, who would have the idea to see such a film nowadays? A 20th Century Fox musical of the early 60's starring Pat Boone. In color. Just me I suppose because my mother-in-law gave me the DVD last Christmas. No, I'm just kidding. If you're a fan of Ann-Margret, you should see this one, she's the only character alive here. And, thank God, she finally won't fit in the Frake family. Already forgotten.

  2. greg x's rating of the film State Fair

    There's a sourness in tone here which leaves the characters seeming more than a little shallow in the end, save for Ann-Margaret's Emily. Everyone is playing their roles straight, so the suggestion is the festivities are for show, not really believed in even as a kind of nostalgic ideal as might be said of the 45 version. .That's the 60's for ya; so bitter over lost ideals even celebrating a prize pig is suspect.