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  1. Photo of Peter Brosens

    Peter Brosens Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anne Baumann

    Anne Baumann Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jan Ewout Ruiter

    Jan Ewout Ruiter Producer

  4. Photo of Anne Even

    Anne Even Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Dorjkhandyn Turmunkh

    Dorjkhandyn Turmunkh Screenplay, Director

  6. Photo of Heiki Färm

    Heiki Färm Cinematography

  7. Photo of Byamba Sakhya

    Byamba Sakhya Cinematography

  8. Photo of Nyam Dagyrantz

    Nyam Dagyrantz Cast

  9. Photo of Baatar Galsansukh

    Baatar Galsansukh Cast

  10. Photo of Purevdavaa Oyungerel

    Purevdavaa Oyungerel Cast

  11. Photo of Jamyansuren Oyunstingel

    Jamyansuren Oyunstingel Cast

  12. Photo of Charo Calvo

    Charo Calvo Music

  13. Photo of Banzar Damchaa

    Banzar Damchaa Cast